CommGateTM Honored With Best Tech Company To Work For Award 2015

8th July 2015 – Alongside Microsoft Singapore and LinkedIn, CommGateTM is among the top 10 best tech companies to work for in Singapore, awarded by the Singapore Computer Society.

“This coveted award honours organizations with winning qualities of enviable corporate culture, robust talent development framework and innovation excellence”, said the society.

CommGateTM aspires to develop the human potential to be the best they can be, and uphold values such as teamwork, responsibility, integrity, growth, fun and leadership.

Demanding excellence in everything the team does, team members constantly work together to challenge the status quo and strive towards excellence.

Working with CommGate for 3 years, Nikhilrajavaran Arul, Assistant Project Manager says, “CommGate’s core values have not only transformed my professional life, but also my personality as an individual”.

Find out the top 10 reasons to work at CommGateTM at www.commgate.net/careers.

What Our Associates Say:

“Prior to joining CommGate, I was running a one-man-show delivering web development services for over 12 years. However being in CommGate, I’ve learned so much than I can ever be being on my own. I personally feel that CommGate is a transformational company which brings out the best of its people through advocating its core values, inspiring peer support and integrating its principles in all that we do, both in our professional and personal life.

As a result, CommGate has developed passionate, highly dedicated and responsible team players to keep performing at their peak and constantly strive for excellence in all that we do. CommGate has transformed me not only to be a better leader but a better person as a whole and this is the greatest benefit not many companies can achieve.”
-Isriyanti Akira, Head, Service Delivery

“Whenever I think of my working experience with CommGate I will compare my life before and after joining CommGate. What makes CommGate stand out of other IT companies in Singapore?
My answer to the above question is the Core Values of CommGate, which makes it shine like a moon among the stars. The Core Values that I admire includes Integrity (between what we think, mean, say, and do), Win-Win, Continuous Improvement and Eco-awareness.

CommGate’s core values have not only transformed my professional life but also my personality as an individual. One of the transformations I would mention is my communication skills, before joining CommGate my colleagues and family members had difficulty in understanding what I speak. In CommGate, I was given adequate feedback and guidance by my peers and superiors to correct myself who made me an effective communicator today. Even my family members mention and appreciate the transformation that CommGate has made in my life.

The next important transformation I experienced in CommGate is changing my thought process by insisting on ‘What we say is what we do’. Under this policy, the words ‘try’ and ‘hope’ (only for the actions which are in our control) are banned in CommGate. As a result my thought process changed, I started making clear and firm decision, either I can do this task in specified time frame or I can’t do it.

In CommGate, one can learn and practice process, here we follow the method of course corrections towards achieving excellence. We have a set of defined process (which we continuously revise and improve) for each department in CommGate. For example in sales we have a 9 – step sales process. By following that process, anyone who aspire to be a sales professional, can become one. By adhering to these processes, we can only become better in what we are doing.

Though I am young with little experience in IT, I was given the responsibility of managing ERP and CRM projects in CommGate and by adhering to our best practices, I was able to tremendously contribute to the Company and our Clients. Anyone can climb the ladder here if they can prove their capability in doing their job effectively. In short working anywhere for 5 years is equal to working 1 year in CommGate. Thank you, CommGate!”
Nikhilrajavarman Arul, Assistant Project Manager

Find out the top 10 reasons to work at CommGateTM at www.commgate.net/careers.