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Since 2005, CommGate has been working with small-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore and across the region to deliver services,
systems and solutions that have enabled businesses to become more productive, efficient and competitive.

With a reliable IT support team, you reduce the need to hire and train internal IT staff to manage your systems.

Our support services includes :

Our support services
includes :

Onsite technical support

Virus Removal

Data Back-ups

Fixing eMail server issues

Server, Workstation & Network
Hardware Maintenance

System Errors checking
and resolution

Network failure checking
and resolution

To help you further save costs, we’ve designed three different packages to cater to your needs :

Ad-Hoc Support
Break-and-Fix Support
Monthly Support
For SMEs who requires ad-hoc support
For SMEs with an IT Support team,
but requires additional support for
various specific
For SMEs with no IT support team
(min. 2 hours)
10 incidents/year
15 credits/month
To trouble shoot remotely or on-site
as and when required
Yearly support for: Troubleshooting
Monthly support for :
• Server maintenance
• Network maintenance
• Up to 11 incidents per month

There’s nothing better than working with talented people.

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